Key Parts And Areas Of Your Car That Also Have

Lubricants play an important role in the smooth and safe operations of a vehicle. With this car product, friction is reduced in the engine. It also minimizes the amount of wear that happens whenever the car is used. Lubricants also reduce the operating temperatures of a vehicle and minimize the corrosion of metal surfaces. As such, for an engine to work properly and safely for a long period of time, it has to be lubricated at the right time and with a good quality of lubricant.

However, aside from the engine, there are also other parts and areas in your car that can benefit greatly from regular lubrication. Although they may require a different type of lubricant, there is no question that your vehicle will work and look better when certain parts and areas are lubricated regularly.

Below are some of the important parts and areas that will benefit greatly from regular lubrication:

The door, hood, and deck-lid or lift-gate hinges and latches. These are parts that can fall victim to regular wear and tear. If they are not lubricated regularly, they can start making squeaking sounds – sounds that aren’t appealing in vehicles. Automotive experts recommend spraying these parts with spray lithium every three or four months. Avoid lubricant build-up by using a cloth to wipe away the excess oil after doing this task. Experts also advice vehicle owners to avoid using petroleum-based lubricants since a lot of car door latches contain plastic and resin parts that can be damaged when they are sprayed or applied with oil.

Door and deck-lid lock cylinders. These parts are now usually underused and under-maintained since most vehicles have remote entry systems. A lot of car owners only use their hard keys until the car battery or sentry system does not work. If these parts are not used, they will be hard to open and they can even begin to rust. Experts say that the best lubricants to use for these parts are the lock de-icers which can be bought at auto-parts store and gas stations. Spray the door and deck-lid lock cylinders with a small amount of de-icer every three to four months.

Manually operated windows. Lastly, if your vehicle has windows that open and close manually, you and the other passengers can have an easier and quicker time closing and opening them with the use of silicone lube. Simply spray the lube into the channel that the glass runs up and down in. Make sure to treat the area of this channel where it runs down into the door since this will also prevent the glass from freezing shut unexpectedly.